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WEBINAR: Medium Format for Fashion with Frank Doorhof

Frank Doorhof webinar

Join us November 20th for our latest and greatest live video webinar, sponsored by Mamiya Leaf and featuring Dutch photographer Frank Doorhof.

Frank will show how he works with a studio setup, explaining his workflow as he creates stunning, high contrast portraits on location. If you think your studio is too small, Frank will show you tricks that will allow you to maximize the possibilities of any location you work in.

Frank’s approach to teaching is according to his motto “Why fake it, when you can create it”. He strongly believes that if you master your light by really understanding what you’re doing you can be freed of the burden that is holding back a lot of photographers in their creativity. When you understand what light is doing you can manipulate it and start thinking about creating killer images instead of struggling to get the look you’re after.

During the webinar Frank will be working with the new Leaf Credo digital back and will also show you how this back has changed his approach in location shoots. Join in the chat room and ask Frank questions as he shoots live on set.

This will be a jam packed hour that will have you glued to the screen, this…. you just can’t miss.

Join us live by clicking here!

Tuesday, November 20th

Start times:
1:00PM Eastern
12:00PM Central
11:00AM Mountain
10:00AM Pacific
6:00PM London
7:00PM Paris/Berlin

Webinar: Lois Greenfield Dance Photography

The Art and Beauty of Lois Greenfield Dance Photography

Join us for this free live video presentation featuring a behind the scenes look at Lois Greenfield’s incredible Dance Photography. To quote Lois, “My inspiration has always been photography’s ability to stop time and reveal what the naked eye cannot see.” We spent a day in Lois’s New York City studio and filmed the process, flow and instructions that helped the dancers to create the shape and movement so unique to her photography.

Sponsored by MamiyaLeaf, we’ll have Lois live on the set to answer your questions during this fascinating view few have had the opportunity to see. Regardless of the type of photography you pursue, you won’t want to miss this live session with Lois Greenfield.

To watch this live video seminar, bookmark this page and return there on Wednesday, September 12th at 1pm Eastern time. Simply enter your email address, ZIP code and country in the box and the live streaming video will appear for your viewing pleasure.

Webinar: Leaf Credo—Faster, Longer, Better

We have recently commenced work on a series of Webinars led by our own Product Manager, Yair Shahar.

In these Webinars we intend to provide you with insight into our company and our technology and to present new products and solutions. We shall also offer tips and tricks on how to utilize our products in the best possible way.

The first Webinar took place on June 28th, introducing the new line of Leaf Credo digital camera backs. It can be viewed here.

This Webinar is aimed at existing Leaf Aptus users who are considering upgrading to the new Leaf Credo. Yair will go through some of the new and exciting features of the Credo and discuss the differences and advantages compared to the older and the current Aptus technology.

Here is the archived Webinar.

Webinar: MamiyaLeaf Credo

Setting a New Standard for Large Sensor Digital Photography

The new Leaf Credo series of digital camera backs deliver unsurpassed Leaf quality with speed and new versatility second to none. Join us for this free webinar and learn about the latest advances in large sensor digital photography with photographer and Leaf Spokesman Yair Shahar.

Yair will give you a guided tour of all the features and details that make the Leaf Credo digital backs and kits the best choice when you need to capture the highest quality single-shot images possible. With resolutions up to 80MP, capture speeds up to 1.2 frames per second and Live View on the new 3.2”, high resolution, bright touch LCD, extraordinary capture becomes natural.

Originally presented on 28 June 2012, below please find the archived version of this Webinar. Enjoy, and learn about these unbeatable digital camera systems.

Live Video Webinar April 19th: Panoramic Landscape Photography Tools & Techniques

MV Storm Pano

4/19/2012 1:00pm EDT

Join host Joe Brady for this live video webinar on tools and techniques to create panoramic landscape images. Learn how to capture the best images possible in preparation for stitching together in Photoshop with the least amount of editing possible.

Joe will cover the basic technical issues of lens selection, color and exposure and help to simplify the more complex issues of nodal points and hyperfocal distance so that you can create stunning panoramic images with consistent focus and tone while keeping all of the foreground and background elements lined up.

If you want to improve your results with this type of photography that can be both fun and full of impact, join us for this free live video session.

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Webinar Archive: Introduction to Large Sensor Digital Photography

Webinar Archive: An Introduction to Large Sensor Digital Photography
Originally held on: September 7, 2011

The most demanding photography applications in beauty, fashion, product and architectural photography rely on the image quality, bit depth and color range that only a large sensor digital camera back can produce. Standard small-sensor DSLR cameras have gotten really good – but they still can’t produce the quality required for these applications.

Mamiya camera systems combined with Leaf’s Digital Backs and Phase One’s Capture One software make for a power trio that delivers unmatched image clarity, detail and color.

If you’re craving the jobs and clients that demand the best image possible, or just interested in learning about this world of digital photography, join us for this informative introduction to the capabilities of these amazing camera systems.

Who Should Attend?

  • Commercial Photographers
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Fine Art Photographers
  • Anyone interested in producing the best digital image possible!