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Tim Layton’s Perfect Duet

In one of the best blog posts we’ve seen in a long time, we’re happy to point our readers to Tim Layton’s recent post entitled “The Perfect Duet: Mamiya 7 & RZ67 Pro II.” Layton addresses an audience of “serious photographers including advanced amateurs and professionals” on his choice and use of medium format film cameras.

©Tim Layton

Using his Mamiya RZ67 for macro work, landscapes, and portraits, Layton praises his Mamiya 7 for “landscape, architecture” and street photography.” By balancing the use of these two tools, Layton has achieved the “perfect duet.”

In this thoughtful article, types of film are discussed, and recommendations are made. Layton includes a handy table breaking down different film sizes and appropriate cameras. The whole piece is definitely worth reading in its entirety. We hope to read and share more of this shooter’s efforts with our Mamiya blog audience in the future.

Be sure to take a few moments to see some of Layton’s beautiful photography here. Thanks for such a great post for medium format film enthusiasts and photographers everywhere, Tim. Great work!