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Patrick Nicholas on Photobotos

Patrick Nicholas on Photobotos.comPhotographer Patrick Nicholas was featured on Photobotos.com. The author of the article is not clear, but he or she writes, “Although photography is an art form, this is certainly the first post we have had where the lines between art and photography are blurred. It is an honor to have a professional as good as Patrick to guest on our blog.”

The featured photo, entitled “Daphne,” was “taken back in ’94 with a Mamiya RB67 using Kodak Tri X black and white film and developed by myself,” writes Nicholas himself. Check out all the details. You can see more of his work at his site.

Otakar Hevler’s Silent Morning

Photographer Otakar Hevler has posted a gorgeous image taken near Anthy-sur-Léman, France. Although he claims to have shot this exact place several times previously, this is the image he wants to share with the world on his blog.

This gorgeous landscape, shot with a Mamiya RB 67 Pro and a Mamiya-Sekor C 50mm f/4.5, is reminiscent of the images Apple bundles with Mac OS X. Captured on Kodak T-MAX, ISO 100, it’s simply a stunning image, and reminds us of the beauty of film technology the world has grown used to for over 150 years.

©Otakar Hevler

Beautiful work, Otakar. Be sure to check out more of the gorgeous images on his site, Land & Colors.

Alfie Goodrich Before and After the Disaster

One of Alfie Goodrich’s earliest memories is at the age of three, sitting in a darkened living room, looking at his father’s slides projected onto a big screen. It left a lasting impression which would shape his career. At seven, his father helped kickstart his son’s love of photography further by passing down an old rangefinder camera.

Goodrich used the rangefinder until he joined the British Army. A knee injury got him discharged, and began a three year study of photography at an art college in the U.K. He spent the next nine years at a record company, working his way up to Director of Public Relations. Taking many photos during his time in the music business, he eventually managed a record label in London for a few years before turning to a solo career as a professional photographer.

©Alfie Goodrich

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Simon Gerzina’s Serious Work

Like many pro shooters, these days fashion photographer Simon Gerzina finds himself shooting less and less film. “It’s getting relegated to passion projects,” he says. “A lot of my clients and art directors are on the younger side, and they’re bullish about technology, even more than just a few years ago. That said, I own Nikon film bodies, an old Leica, an old Rolleiflex, but when it comes to the cameras which get pulled out for serious work and not playing around, it’s been my two Mamiyas.” For film he shoots the Mamiya RB67 shooting 120. “It’s been a tank in the studio, and a great option for shooting portraiture when you want it to be more atmospheric and a little more timeless.” He also shoots some beauty work with it.

©Simon Gerzina
©Simon Gerzina

“I also have a Mamiya 645AF. I’ve actually been using that more for fashion until the digital transition went over the hump. Now I use it more for portraiture in the studio or on location. I still use both cameras for passion projects, portraiture, or just walking around to shoot some film. I’ve been a Mamiya film shooter for years. In the future, I see myself transitioning back to medium format digital and using digital backs on the 645AFD.”

©Simon Gerzina
©Simon Gerzina

Film or digital, fashion or portraiture, we look forward to seeing more great working coming through the lenses of the talented Simon Gerzina.

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Written by Ron Egatz