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Matt Beardsley on the Mamiya RZ33

Matt Beardsley recently posted a review of the Mamiya RZ33 on Photoarts Monthly. In this informative article, Beardsley covers all the basics and answers many questions photographers new to medium format cameras may have. He provides some beautiful product photography of his own, showcasing the camera and the RZ67 Pro IID, lenses, and the DM33 digital back, including its various menus. Be sure to view the slideshow at the end of the piece to see all of these.

Going into considerable depth on the DM33, Beardsley raves about its menus and options, including the industry-leading feature of having twelve options for color space. He also points out the RZ33 is one of a shrinking number of bodies which can accept a film back. “I can say the RZ33 gets top marks for beefy build quality. In fact, it might be the only one that feels worthy of its price tag,” he writes.

Beardsley ends his review with the following summary paragraph.

“The classic Mamiya RZ67 line lives on in the RZ33, a big, mechanical camera with both the RZ’s classic, straight-forward machinery and a highly sophisticated 33 MP digital capture system. The camera has a few unique features: a rotating back for landscape or portrait orientation, an all leaf-shutter and widely available line of highly-regarded lenses, a digital back that can also operate on a Mamiya 645DF camera, and the ability to accept a film back (available here as a $4,250 film back kit). Though more modernized and compact digital medium format cameras are available in roughly the same price neighborhood (notably, the Hasselblad H4D-40) the Mamiya RZ33is a unique creative tool, with undeniable character. It is certain to find a place in contemporary photography.”

Thanks, Matt. Love your product shots, and hope to see more soon.