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Otto Kitchens and the Art of Wabi-sabi

Atlanta, Georgia photographer Otto Kitchens is fascinated with the Japanese aesthetic known as wabi-sabi. According to Wikipedia, wabi-sabi celebrates beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete,” among other qualities. Asymmetry and asperity also also reflect values in the aesthetic, and it seems Kitchens knows how to find these in abundance.

Kitchens has some beautiful examples of wabi-sabi and they were shot with his Mamiya 645 Super. Check out the way he captures the textures of Detroit’s finest in various stages of decay using medium format film goodness. He frequently relies on Kodak Portra 400 color film, and the muted light makes the forgotten and discarded look magical.

Cars aren’t the only thing Kitchens has captured. There’s a fascinating series on the Miller Theater in Augusta, Georgia, and lots of examples of decay in small rural towns of Georgia.

Wabi-sabi is indeed the finding of beauty and art in the ordinary. Kitchens does this regularly and is worth following. His site is a great photoblog, and breaks down his shots by the type of camera they were captured with. A great job all the way around!

Hamish Robertson’s Tech Top 10

Vanity Fair’s Online Design Editor, Hamish Robertson, was featured on the Unplggd site, where he recounts his top ten tech gadgets. Among his favorites he cites the retro Mamiya 645 Super. Pictured with an old Nikon F, Robertson states, “They both feel serious, hand crafted, and indestructible.”

Retro love: Nikon F and Mamiya 645 Super

If you think the 645 Super is cool, wait until you check out the current Mamiya 645DF or the 645AFD III, Hamish. Still, we admire your great taste! Hope to see more of your images soon.