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Boudewijn Smit, Mamiya Leaf Customer Story

©Boudewijn Smit
©Boudewijn Smit

Amsterdam-based Boudewijn Smit, was enthralled from an early age both by the art of photography and of sailing. As a young man, he attended sailing school and was learning the art of boat building when a chance meeting with Jurriaan Eindhoven at a friend’s birthday party reset his life course. While everyone at the party was enjoying Boudewijn’s prints, Jurriaan gave him a hard time with some pointed critiques and eventually took him on as first a trainee and then an assistant.

You could say that Boudewijn is a self-taught artist, but his education was grounded on having assisted a lot of different photographers; extensive on the job training meant that he was immersed in photography. Inventing images, framing compositions, experimenting with light and shadow was on his mind day and night, night and day.

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