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3 Classically Beautiful B&W Portraits by Cassidy Kristiansen

© Cassidy Kristiansen
© Cassidy Kristiansen

Cassidy Kristiansen is relentless in her pursuit of perfection in her work, whether it be the lighting, retouching, or the pursuit of that unique element that gives the image its spark. Here, she shares the thinking behind 3 simple-yet-elegant black and white portraits.

She says, “I like to create images that are clean, yet dramatic, using lighting to show the subject is the main focus… I also enjoy using different elements, such as the model’s wild hair or a bold hat to really bring another aspect to the picture…”

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Aryan Aqajani’s Fade to Black

© Aryan Aqajani
© Aryan Aqajani

Instead of getting embroiled in the film vs. digital debate, Australian shooter Aryan Aqajani lives in harmony with both mediums. No matter what gear he uses to shoot, he says he strives to convey “a sense of isolation, loneliness, darkness and deep feelings” with his images. This series, Fade to Black, does just that. Continue reading

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes with Robert Jaso

Parisian photographer Robert Jaso specializes in fashion and beauty work. Take a peek behind the scenes of Glint, a glamorous, sparkly, James Bond inspired fashion shoot.

Shooting with his Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID and Leaf Aptus 75S digital back, Jaso uses a combination of strobes and hot lights to create a look that is simultaneously dreamy and sharp as a knife.

See more of his work at robertjaso.com.


Video in this post is used with permission and ©Robert Jaso, all rights reserved; story is ©Mamiya Leaf. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or repost elsewhere without written permission.

Webinar: Leaf Credo—Faster, Longer, Better

We have recently commenced work on a series of Webinars led by our own Product Manager, Yair Shahar.

In these Webinars we intend to provide you with insight into our company and our technology and to present new products and solutions. We shall also offer tips and tricks on how to utilize our products in the best possible way.

The first Webinar took place on June 28th, introducing the new line of Leaf Credo digital camera backs. It can be viewed here.

This Webinar is aimed at existing Leaf Aptus users who are considering upgrading to the new Leaf Credo. Yair will go through some of the new and exciting features of the Credo and discuss the differences and advantages compared to the older and the current Aptus technology.

Here is the archived Webinar.