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Douglas Friedman’s Crystal Clear Underwater Shoot

© Douglas Friedman for Bernstein and Andriulli
© Douglas Friedman for Bernstein and Andriulli

PDN is featuring a behind the scenes look at photographer Douglas Friedman’s underwater fashion shoot for Vogue Italia.

We’ve all seen underwater shoots before, but this is something different. Douglas used purifiers to make the water perfectly clear so that the effect is subtle and surreal. He writes, ““We realized that the water was so crystal clear, when you don’t see the surface or an air bubble [in a photo] you’re not quite sure what’s going on. You don’t realize its water at first, until you see that something’s going on with the hair.”

As you can imagine, working with a 4,000 gallon water tank is no easy task. He used a combination of lighting modifiers including gels, grids, and softboxes to get an “incredibly soft, glowing light without a lot of shadows.” He shot the 14 page feature using a Mamiya 645DF and Leaf Credo 80 with a Mamiya 120mm f/4 macro lens.

For more details on the shoot, read the full post on pdnonline.com. See more of Douglas Friedman’s work at douglasfriedman.net.

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VIDEO: Behind the Scenes with Robert Jaso

Parisian photographer Robert Jaso specializes in fashion and beauty work. Take a peek behind the scenes of Glint, a glamorous, sparkly, James Bond inspired fashion shoot.

Shooting with his Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID and Leaf Aptus 75S digital back, Jaso uses a combination of strobes and hot lights to create a look that is simultaneously dreamy and sharp as a knife.

See more of his work at robertjaso.com.


Video in this post is used with permission and ©Robert Jaso, all rights reserved; story is ©Mamiya Leaf. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or repost elsewhere without written permission.

WEBINAR: Medium Format for Fashion with Frank Doorhof

Frank Doorhof webinar

Join us November 20th for our latest and greatest live video webinar, sponsored by Mamiya Leaf and featuring Dutch photographer Frank Doorhof.

Frank will show how he works with a studio setup, explaining his workflow as he creates stunning, high contrast portraits on location. If you think your studio is too small, Frank will show you tricks that will allow you to maximize the possibilities of any location you work in.

Frank’s approach to teaching is according to his motto “Why fake it, when you can create it”. He strongly believes that if you master your light by really understanding what you’re doing you can be freed of the burden that is holding back a lot of photographers in their creativity. When you understand what light is doing you can manipulate it and start thinking about creating killer images instead of struggling to get the look you’re after.

During the webinar Frank will be working with the new Leaf Credo digital back and will also show you how this back has changed his approach in location shoots. Join in the chat room and ask Frank questions as he shoots live on set.

This will be a jam packed hour that will have you glued to the screen, this…. you just can’t miss.

Join us live by clicking here!

Tuesday, November 20th

Start times:
1:00PM Eastern
12:00PM Central
11:00AM Mountain
10:00AM Pacific
6:00PM London
7:00PM Paris/Berlin

Brian Shumway and the RZ67

©Brian Shumway

Photographer Brian Shumway has posted on a recent fashion shoot he did in New York with a Mamiya RZ67 for Callalilai Clothing. His summary of using the camera? “Couldn’t have been sweeter.”

Be sure to check out the post completely for some beautiful images. His site has gorgeous portraits you shouldn’t miss.

Catherine Day and How it Just Happens

Six years ago, after finishing college at 18, Catherine Day decided to leave her picturesque hometown of Saltburn-by-the-Sea in the U.K. for a university far from home. She went from the northeast of England to the southwest, a seven-hour train ride, to study at the University of Gloucestershire’s arts campus in Cheltenham.

Given her first camera at age six by her father, by 17, she knew she wanted to be a photographer. “That was around seven years ago, now, but it feels like a lifetime,” she says. In that time, she studied Photography for two years at Redcar and Cleveland College as part of an advanced foundation course. She then completed three years at the University of Gloucestershire.

©Catherine Day

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Philip-Lorca diCorcia Looks Back

The New York Times recently ran a Q&A piece with photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia. For over ten years, starting in the late 1990s, diCorcia had almost complete freedom in his fashion photography he executed for W. magazine.

In the interview, diCorcia states he uses a Mamiya RZ “quite a lot.”

diCorcia’s photography often told stories, sometimes with disturbing juxtapositions. The elaborate and deliberate stagings he created inserted new vernacular in the vocabulary of accepted fashion photography.

Read more about Philip-Lorca diCorcia and see his work at The Collective Shift.