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Douglas Dubler on DigitalPhotoPro.com

DigitalPhotoPro.com has published an article on photographer Douglas Dubler. Written by Howard Millard, it gives a brief overview of Dubler’s 40 year photographic career, before focusing on his latest work capturing ballet dancers with Mamiya digital technology. Millard touches upon the gear Dubler uses, writing:

“Dubler sat behind a Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID fixed atop an Arca-Swiss ballhead on a Gitzo tripod, with an 80-megapixel 6×4.5 Leaf digital back connected to a Mac Pro with a solid-state hard drive from Other World Computing. Lenses from Mamiya included a 110mm, 140mm and 180mm. Two seconds after the strobes fire, the image appears on two large Eizo CG monitors, one for Dubler and the other for the digital tech. One benefit of such a high-resolution back is that Dubler plans to make digital prints 8 feet tall of the single images, with composites stretching to 5×18 feet.”

This story is definitely worth checking out, and is a fine profile of the master of ballet photography.