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David Saffir Reviews Mamiya DF Camera and DM56 Digital Back

Just two days ago David Saffir published a review of the Mamiya DF Camera and Mamiya DM56 Digital Back. Attending a demo at SCV Center for Photography in Santa Clarita, California, Saffir got to spend a day with hands on the new models, shooting under a variety of circumstances.

Setting Up At The SCV Center for Photography
Setting Up At The SCV Center for Photography

A group of shooters experimented with a variety of lights on both still life set-ups and portraits. Saffir closes his review with the following quote. “This latest Mamiya incarnation has a new feeling of sophistication and polish that comes through every time I pick it up. It’s a shooter’s camera.” (italics his)

Saffir on the Mamiya 645AFD III

David Saffir recently took the Mamiya 645AFD III for a spin, and has been blogging about it. If you’re unfamiliar with Saffir, he’s a top shooter and regularly holds Photoshop and book publishing workshops for photographers. In this blog post, he gives a solid once-over review of the 654AFD III and the Leaf Aptus DL-28 Digital Back, the immediate predecessor to the new DM28. This is the same rig he’ll be using on his Focus 2009 Tour and Seminar Series, Fine Art and Photographic Reproduction.

Saffir gives good marks for ergonomics, quality, and shooting in lighting-controlled situations. He promised more review details in future posts. Check it out, and follow this Top 100 blogger on Twitter.