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1950′s Mamiya Super 16 Spy Camera

Similar to the 1954 Mamiya Speed Shot Special we found online last year, here’s something equally cool, if not quite as rare. Gadgethobby.com has recently posted not one, but two 1950′s Mamiya Super 16 cameras.

There are plenty of examples of this beauty online, and they do pop up for sale now and then, although collectors don’t part with mint specimens very often. Made from 1949 to the early 1960′s in many slight deviations, all model Mamyia Super 16 cameras have a rabid fan base. There was even an automatic version. Many are no longer functioning, but some folks are still actively shooting the 16mm film today. Some collectors are making scans of the original manuals available for intrepid fans attempting to repair them.

There are many resources online for this old gem from Mamiya if you’re thinking of starting or building your existing collection. If you’re diligent, you can even find and collect an official Mamiya Super 16 Cleaning Brush or some of the original advertising. Some fans are so passionate about these models there’s an abundance of great images of the cameras themselves. They are, after all, obsessed with photography.