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Hamish Innes-Brown’s Perfect Landing

Michael Zhang writing for PetaPixel has pointed out Hamish Innes-Brown’s beautiful images of planes landing at night. Innes-Brown is a Ph.D. student in Australia who hung around Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport with his Mamiya C330 loaded with Kodak Portra 160NC.

You can learn more about this photographer from Down Under in an interesting interview on the Melbourne Silver Mine site, of which he is a founding member. He’s also on Flickr. Go to Innes-Brown’s site to see more recent film work in both color and black and white. Be prepared for more beautiful night photography!

Alfie Goodrich Before and After the Disaster

One of Alfie Goodrich’s earliest memories is at the age of three, sitting in a darkened living room, looking at his father’s slides projected onto a big screen. It left a lasting impression which would shape his career. At seven, his father helped kickstart his son’s love of photography further by passing down an old rangefinder camera.

Goodrich used the rangefinder until he joined the British Army. A knee injury got him discharged, and began a three year study of photography at an art college in the U.K. He spent the next nine years at a record company, working his way up to Director of Public Relations. Taking many photos during his time in the music business, he eventually managed a record label in London for a few years before turning to a solo career as a professional photographer.

©Alfie Goodrich

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On The Road…Again

Victoria J.K. Lamburn, a young Brit shooter, admits to being “a self confessed geek” but, indeed, her outdoor interests belie that claim. She walks, she hikes, she climbs, and she reads Beat literature to boot! That is not geeky, Vicky. Neither is picking up an old Mamiya c330f and using — brace yourself, readers — film (hey, a lot of Mamiya cameras can shoot either film or digital)! All kidding aside, she makes some interesting points about MF format film vs. MF digital, especially in the pocketbook department. And her description of hiking the South Downs Way is both enchanting and instructional. Enjoy.