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Apple Adds Native Support for Mamiya DL28 and DL33 RAW files

Elmsford, NY – June 8, 2009 – Mamiya is very excited to share with you that the latest Apple Mac OS X®, version 10.5.7, adds operating system-level compatibility for the Mamiya DL28 and DL33 digital camera files. This RAW file support (for the uncompressed MOS file) is achieved via Apple’s added functionality with the respective models’ Leaf Aptus-II 6 or 7 imaging modules.

For Mamiya DL28 and DL33 users, this means there will be RAW file support in Apple’s Aperture™ software, along with Finder™ thumbnails, Cover Flow® and iPhoto®.

The Mamiya DL28 and DL33 combine the professionally proven Mamiya 645AFD III camera system with the innovative 28 or 33 megapixel Aptus-II 6 or 7 digital imaging modules from Leaf. The 645AFD III body has a new coreless motor for faster, more accurate autofocusing and an enhanced interface system that provides total communication between the camera, lens and digital imaging module. The 645AFD III and Leaf Aptus-II imaging module work as an integral unit with an intuitive ease that virtually any photographer can master. 

Information and support for Apple’s OS X 10.5.7 can be found at support.apple.com

For more information on the Mamiya DL28 and DL33 please visit Mamiya.com

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