Douglas Dubler on has published an article on photographer Douglas Dubler. Written by Howard Millard, it gives a brief overview of Dubler’s 40 year photographic career, before focusing on his latest work capturing ballet dancers with Mamiya digital technology. Millard touches upon the gear Dubler uses, writing:

“Dubler sat behind a Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID fixed atop an Arca-Swiss ballhead on a Gitzo tripod, with an 80-megapixel 6×4.5 Leaf digital back connected to a Mac Pro with a solid-state hard drive from Other World Computing. Lenses from Mamiya included a 110mm, 140mm and 180mm. Two seconds after the strobes fire, the image appears on two large Eizo CG monitors, one for Dubler and the other for the digital tech. One benefit of such a high-resolution back is that Dubler plans to make digital prints 8 feet tall of the single images, with composites stretching to 5×18 feet.”

This story is definitely worth checking out, and is a fine profile of the master of ballet photography.

Brian Shumway and the RZ67

©Brian Shumway

Photographer Brian Shumway has posted on a recent fashion shoot he did in New York with a Mamiya RZ67 for Callalilai Clothing. His summary of using the camera? “Couldn’t have been sweeter.”

Be sure to check out the post completely for some beautiful images. His site has gorgeous portraits you shouldn’t miss.

Catherine Day and How it Just Happens

Six years ago, after finishing college at 18, Catherine Day decided to leave her picturesque hometown of Saltburn-by-the-Sea in the U.K. for a university far from home. She went from the northeast of England to the southwest, a seven-hour train ride, to study at the University of Gloucestershire’s arts campus in Cheltenham.

Given her first camera at age six by her father, by 17, she knew she wanted to be a photographer. “That was around seven years ago, now, but it feels like a lifetime,” she says. In that time, she studied Photography for two years at Redcar and Cleveland College as part of an advanced foundation course. She then completed three years at the University of Gloucestershire.

©Catherine Day

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Graham Foster’s History of Bermuda

The Royal Gazette Online has published a story by Jessie Moniz documenting a beautiful new book.

The text of Hall of History is written by Rosemary Jones. The book chronicles the stunning 1000 square foot mural at the Commissioner’s House in Bermuda created by artist Graham Foster. The mural was photographed by Antoine Hunt with “a Mamiya camera with a Phase One P25 digital back,” according to Jones. The image files were then stitched together by Loris Toppan of ColourLab.

The entire article is an informative look at how the mural itself, the photographs, and the book were created. Don’t miss it.

Markus Klinko on has published a new interview with Mamiya RZ shooter Markus Klinko.

Be sure to check out Klinko’s thoughts on his life, art, and photography gear in the interview. One year ago we published a detailed profile of Klinko and his photographic work with his partner Indrani. You can see our latest video featuring Klinko on YouTube for more details.


Otakar Hevler’s Silent Morning

Photographer Otakar Hevler has posted a gorgeous image taken near Anthy-sur-Léman, France. Although he claims to have shot this exact place several times previously, this is the image he wants to share with the world on his blog.

This gorgeous landscape, shot with a Mamiya RB 67 Pro and a Mamiya-Sekor C 50mm f/4.5, is reminiscent of the images Apple bundles with Mac OS X. Captured on Kodak T-MAX, ISO 100, it’s simply a stunning image, and reminds us of the beauty of film technology the world has grown used to for over 150 years.

©Otakar Hevler

Beautiful work, Otakar. Be sure to check out more of the gorgeous images on his site, Land & Colors.

Flickriver of RZ Goodness

Here’s a cool resource for your browsing pleasure. Check out this thread on Flickriver to see images posted by photographers using Mamiya RZ-Series cameras. Leaning heavily toward the RZ67, it’s fascinating to see what types of images people are creating with medium format resolution.

Bookmark it and return often to see what other RZ shooters are posting. This is definitely worth returning to again and again. Enjoy!

Jooney Woodward Wins Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

The esteemed British Journal of Photography reports Jooney Woodward has won this year’s Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. Woodward shot 13-year-old Harriet Power holding a guinea pig, the pair’s hair complementing each other perfectly against a white lab coat.

©The British Journal of Photography

The prize is worth £12,000, and Woodward captured her winning image with a Mamiya RZ medium format camera.

You can read the full story at the British Journal of Photography article, and you can get more details on the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery’s site. Congrats, Jooney!

Fast Company Covers Rachel Sussman

We published a detailed profile of Rachel Sussman over a year ago. Since that time, she hasn’t slowed her extraordinary trips to chronicle our planet’s oldest living things. Along with a TED talk and a CNN feature, among other stories, the latest in the media coverage Sussman has enjoyed is a recent featured article at Fast Company.

©Fast Company

In the Fast Company story, Sussman gives a recap of her ongoing project and points out her Mamiya 7 II and Fujifilm Pro Pack among the standard gear she carries with her on expeditions. We can’t wait until this project is complete. One woman traveling the globe to document what has been here longer than any of us, and still quite alive, is one of the most exciting photography projects we’ve heard of in a long time. Go, Rachel!