Taylor Tupy Shooting Through Sand

© 2013 Taylor Tupy
©2013 Taylor Tupy

Taylor Tupy is a Minneapolis-based photographer who caught our attention when his behind-the-scenes video for a sandy studio shoot was posted on Fstoppers. We had to know more, so we reached out to him for the full story. Here’s what he had to say regarding the shoot.

In this shoot for Upfront, our goal was to portray the new face of American business. Fresh. Elegant. Female. A beach in Santa Barbara was our inspiration for the setting. The natural beauty. The effortless elegance. We wanted to capture the feeling of the wind off the water, the endless sand, and the treasured moments of being alone, gathering your thoughts and savoring your success.

This presented us with a few unique challenges. We didn’t want the images to resemble a vacation or beach-resort advertisement. It was very important we didn’t create a cliche “girl on the beach” image. This meant we needed total control over the setting, and opted to create a beach of our own inside the studio. Fog and large light sources were used to achieve the tranquil look that we were after.

If you’ve ever been on the road and encountered heavy fog, you know how challenging it can be to see through the mist. Objects begin to lose contrast, and when you shine more light, you are only met with glare. We knew we would encounter a similar situation when shooting this setup, and we needed a camera that would produce a file with as much nuance and dimension as possible. The Mamiya 645DF and Leaf Credo 40 back ended up being the perfect pair for the job. We were able to pull an incredible amount of detail and clarity from the RAW files, and the colors of the sand and dress were rendered beautifully straight out of the camera. The Mamiya gave us a glare free, quality image, every time.

Lighting disgram | © 2013 Taylor Tupy
Lighting diagram | © 2013 Taylor Tupy

Shoot Credits:
Client: Upfront Productions
Model: Caroline @ Ford NY
Photography: Taylor Tupy
Photo Assistants: Matt Munson & Luke Stockton
Makeup: Kimberly Steward
Hair: Cierra Bailey
Gown: Nicole Miller
Ring: Chanel
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

See more of Taylor’s work at taylortupy.com and connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.


All images, videos, and quotes in this post are used with permission and ©Taylor Tupy, all rights reserved; story is ©Mamiya Leaf. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or repost elsewhere without written permission.

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