Frank Doorhof on the Credo 60

DoorhofDutch photographer Frank Doorhof has just purchased a Leaf Cred0 60 as an upgrade from his Aptus-II 7. Known for his fashion, glamour and celebrity portraits, Doorhof also teaches photography workshops worldwide.

In a remarkably short time of owning his new Credo 60, Doorhof has published a detailed review of his new acquisition. Complete with specs and many sample photos, this is one of the first comprehensive reviews we’ve seen on any Credo model.

Beginning with an interesting comparison of current DSLRs versus medium format cameras, Doorhof explores depth-of-field, speed, and f-stop range. He stresses the quality of the detail he can pull from the Credo 60, and that the speed of one frame per second holds up during a fashion shoot.

Doorhof gives high marks to the Credo 60′s display. When his workshop was doing outdoor work in direct sunlight, one of his students had difficulty seeing the back of a Nikon display. In comparison, the Credo 60 delivered full detail at 80% brightness. He calls the Credo 60 display “amazing.”

He cites the USB3 support and batteries as other highlights. Here’s a quote from Doorhof’s conclusion:

I LOVE the new Credo 60, it’s a very “sexy” back with a great display and it’s FAST. The resolution is nice (and I can’t wait to do some real detailed shots with this back). Color and sharpness are amazing like I’m used from Leaf, the “roundness/3D” look is even better than with my old AptusII 7. USB3 is a really good addition seeing that Apple is dropping Firewire800 from their MacBookPro series.

Doorhof also rates the Leaf Credo 60 as a “better buy” over the Phase One IQ. He wraps up his review with a 100% crop from an earlier shot in the review. The detail is stunning.

Don’t miss the full review here. Learn more about Frank Doorhof’s workshops, DVDs, or his photography at his site.

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