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Norman Jean Roy and Drew Barrymore for Neiman Marcus

Fashion BTSPhotographer Norman Jean Roy has completed a gorgeous series of photos featuring Drew Barrymore for Neiman Marcus. The great site, Fashion BTS has put together some fine documentation on this collaboration, including a video.

Great behind the scenes still images can also be found on this series entitled The Art of Fashion, with Roy using a Mamiya RZ67 and PocketWizard Plus II radio triggers to fire off Profoto Pro-8a units.

Roy’s photos in this series are saturated, moody, and suit Barrymore’s new hair color well. The shoots were both indoors and out, affording a great spread of different looks, which give the impression of a sizeable project.

Great production and great images. Thanks, Fashion BTS.

Andrew Macpherson on Fotorater

Photographer Andrew Macpherson was recently featured on Fotorater. Los Angeles-based Macpherson has shot a laundry list of celebrities, always delivering moody portraits of exceptional quality.

In this fascinating interview by Marc Cameron, Macpherson covers his interesting rise to the professional level, which began when he was 15 and left school to learn photography.

Macpherson also has some comments about his camera choices.

“For work I used the RZ67 until 2004, when I went all digi…. I have totally fallen in love the new Phase One – Mamiya 645 system. It is really nice – especially with the 80MP back!”

Don’t miss the complete text of this insightful interview. You can see more of Macpherson’s work at his site and his blog.

Douglas Dubler on has published an article on photographer Douglas Dubler. Written by Howard Millard, it gives a brief overview of Dubler’s 40 year photographic career, before focusing on his latest work capturing ballet dancers with Mamiya digital technology. Millard touches upon the gear Dubler uses, writing:

“Dubler sat behind a Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID fixed atop an Arca-Swiss ballhead on a Gitzo tripod, with an 80-megapixel 6×4.5 Leaf digital back connected to a Mac Pro with a solid-state hard drive from Other World Computing. Lenses from Mamiya included a 110mm, 140mm and 180mm. Two seconds after the strobes fire, the image appears on two large Eizo CG monitors, one for Dubler and the other for the digital tech. One benefit of such a high-resolution back is that Dubler plans to make digital prints 8 feet tall of the single images, with composites stretching to 5×18 feet.”

This story is definitely worth checking out, and is a fine profile of the master of ballet photography.

Brian Shumway and the RZ67

©Brian Shumway

Photographer Brian Shumway has posted on a recent fashion shoot he did in New York with a Mamiya RZ67 for Callalilai Clothing. His summary of using the camera? “Couldn’t have been sweeter.”

Be sure to check out the post completely for some beautiful images. His site has gorgeous portraits you shouldn’t miss.

Scott Bourne Announces RZ67 Pro IID Winner from Photofocus Twitter Contest!

A winner has been chosen and announced in the Photofocus Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID ProValue Pack giveaway.

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our Twitter contest with Scott Bourne of, Maria, and this time around you get to meet her – Scott made a video while calling her to inform that she’s the lucky winner!

Congratulations to Twitter user @MariaChristie who retweeted to enter Bourne’s contest to the letter. Check out her website at We look forward to seeing what you shoot with your new Mamiya, Christie!

Thanks to everyone for following us on Twitter, and if you didn’t win, Scott Bourne always has a great photographic giveaway happening!

Matt Beardsley on the Mamiya RZ33

Matt Beardsley recently posted a review of the Mamiya RZ33 on Photoarts Monthly. In this informative article, Beardsley covers all the basics and answers many questions photographers new to medium format cameras may have. He provides some beautiful product photography of his own, showcasing the camera and the RZ67 Pro IID, lenses, and the DM33 digital back, including its various menus. Be sure to view the slideshow at the end of the piece to see all of these.

Going into considerable depth on the DM33, Beardsley raves about its menus and options, including the industry-leading feature of having twelve options for color space. He also points out the RZ33 is one of a shrinking number of bodies which can accept a film back. “I can say the RZ33 gets top marks for beefy build quality. In fact, it might be the only one that feels worthy of its price tag,” he writes.

Beardsley ends his review with the following summary paragraph.

“The classic Mamiya RZ67 line lives on in the RZ33, a big, mechanical camera with both the RZ’s classic, straight-forward machinery and a highly sophisticated 33 MP digital capture system. The camera has a few unique features: a rotating back for landscape or portrait orientation, an all leaf-shutter and widely available line of highly-regarded lenses, a digital back that can also operate on a Mamiya 645DF camera, and the ability to accept a film back (available here as a $4,250 film back kit). Though more modernized and compact digital medium format cameras are available in roughly the same price neighborhood (notably, the Hasselblad H4D-40) the Mamiya RZ33is a unique creative tool, with undeniable character. It is certain to find a place in contemporary photography.”

Thanks, Matt. Love your product shots, and hope to see more soon.

Evan Baines on How We Eat

Evan Baines is undertaking a great photographic series of how Americans eat. Baines has some great long exposures of eateries at night. Evoking a weird (in the best sense of that word) vision all his own with morsels of Edward Hopper, Robert Frank, and Raymond Chandler thrown in, we see a great photography book in the making. Medium format black and white film nirvana.

©Evan Baines

Armed with a Mamiya 7 and Kodak Tri-X film, we think this is a great project with impressive results. Baines also shoots an RZ67. Based in Nashville, Baines travels for weddings and other assignments. We hope to see more of his late night restaurants from other parts of the country. Keep up the great work, Evan!

See more of Evan Baines at his site.

Tim Layton’s Perfect Duet

In one of the best blog posts we’ve seen in a long time, we’re happy to point our readers to Tim Layton’s recent post entitled “The Perfect Duet: Mamiya 7 & RZ67 Pro II.” Layton addresses an audience of “serious photographers including advanced amateurs and professionals” on his choice and use of medium format film cameras.

©Tim Layton

Using his Mamiya RZ67 for macro work, landscapes, and portraits, Layton praises his Mamiya 7 for “landscape, architecture” and street photography.” By balancing the use of these two tools, Layton has achieved the “perfect duet.”

In this thoughtful article, types of film are discussed, and recommendations are made. Layton includes a handy table breaking down different film sizes and appropriate cameras. The whole piece is definitely worth reading in its entirety. We hope to read and share more of this shooter’s efforts with our Mamiya blog audience in the future.

Be sure to take a few moments to see some of Layton’s beautiful photography here. Thanks for such a great post for medium format film enthusiasts and photographers everywhere, Tim. Great work!