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Mamiya Leaf Aptus 75 Takes Long Cold Showers

Architectural photographer Nicolas Dumont took a break from the heat of Dubai with this fun series shot in his shower.

Nicolas invited some friends over and took their picture, fully clothed, under a super cold shower. He had them stand there for up to 20 minutes while he shot away with his Mamiya Leaf Aptus 75. Talk about loyal friends.

Although now that summer’s in full swing a nice cold shower might not seem so bad. See the project and check out Dumont’s portfolio.

Jooney Woodward Wins Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

The esteemed British Journal of Photography reports Jooney Woodward has won this year’s Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. Woodward shot 13-year-old Harriet Power holding a guinea pig, the pair’s hair complementing each other perfectly against a white lab coat.

©The British Journal of Photography

The prize is worth £12,000, and Woodward captured her winning image with a Mamiya RZ medium format camera.

You can read the full story at the British Journal of Photography article, and you can get more details on the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery’s site. Congrats, Jooney!

The Eyes Have It

Photographer Landon Mathers has posted a fascinating video comprised of still images he’s shot.

Armed with a Mamiya 645, a Phase One digital back, and a 120mm macro lens, Mathers photographed eyes. This project confirms what humans have known since before recorded time: eyes are astounding. In Mathers’ images we can see everything from contact lenses to the stunningly delicate epithelium and stroma, the latter two giving each iris their unique and amazing color variations.

At the conclusion of the video, it’s implied the subjects photographed are photographers themselves. Awesome concept and superb execution, Landon! See more of Mathers’ work at his site.

Creative Mamiya Triptychs

Duncan at The Inspiration Room recently posted some very cool creative work by DDB in New York. The series of three print ads featured the Mamiya 645DF shot at 1/1600 scond high flash sync speed. One of the three triptychs is presented below.

Duncan states the three ads were created by “creative director Eric Silver, art director Chuck Tso, photographer Craig Cameron Olsen, with retouching by John Cason and Aaron Needham.”

Great concept and fabulous job, guys!

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward’s Old Work Rediscovered

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward has pulled some great Polaroids and prints out of his archive, scanned them, and posted them with commentary. This blog entry is filled with shots from a 1992 photo shoot he did with Lisa Montonen holding various flora.

©Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

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