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Douglas Friedman’s Crystal Clear Underwater Shoot

© Douglas Friedman for Bernstein and Andriulli
© Douglas Friedman for Bernstein and Andriulli

PDN is featuring a behind the scenes look at photographer Douglas Friedman’s underwater fashion shoot for Vogue Italia.

We’ve all seen underwater shoots before, but this is something different. Douglas used purifiers to make the water perfectly clear so that the effect is subtle and surreal. He writes, ““We realized that the water was so crystal clear, when you don’t see the surface or an air bubble [in a photo] you’re not quite sure what’s going on. You don’t realize its water at first, until you see that something’s going on with the hair.”

As you can imagine, working with a 4,000 gallon water tank is no easy task. He used a combination of lighting modifiers including gels, grids, and softboxes to get an “incredibly soft, glowing light without a lot of shadows.” He shot the 14 page feature using a Mamiya 645DF and Leaf Credo 80 with a Mamiya 120mm f/4 macro lens.

For more details on the shoot, read the full post on See more of Douglas Friedman’s work at

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Norman Jean Roy and Drew Barrymore for Neiman Marcus

Fashion BTSPhotographer Norman Jean Roy has completed a gorgeous series of photos featuring Drew Barrymore for Neiman Marcus. The great site, Fashion BTS has put together some fine documentation on this collaboration, including a video.

Great behind the scenes still images can also be found on this series entitled The Art of Fashion, with Roy using a Mamiya RZ67 and PocketWizard Plus II radio triggers to fire off Profoto Pro-8a units.

Roy’s photos in this series are saturated, moody, and suit Barrymore’s new hair color well. The shoots were both indoors and out, affording a great spread of different looks, which give the impression of a sizeable project.

Great production and great images. Thanks, Fashion BTS.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia Looks Back

The New York Times recently ran a Q&A piece with photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia. For over ten years, starting in the late 1990s, diCorcia had almost complete freedom in his fashion photography he executed for W. magazine.

In the interview, diCorcia states he uses a Mamiya RZ “quite a lot.”

diCorcia’s photography often told stories, sometimes with disturbing juxtapositions. The elaborate and deliberate stagings he created inserted new vernacular in the vocabulary of accepted fashion photography.

Read more about Philip-Lorca diCorcia and see his work at The Collective Shift.