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3 Classically Beautiful B&W Portraits by Cassidy Kristiansen

© Cassidy Kristiansen
© Cassidy Kristiansen

Cassidy Kristiansen is relentless in her pursuit of perfection in her work, whether it be the lighting, retouching, or the pursuit of that unique element that gives the image its spark. Here, she shares the thinking behind 3 simple-yet-elegant black and white portraits.

She says, “I like to create images that are clean, yet dramatic, using lighting to show the subject is the main focus… I also enjoy using different elements, such as the model’s wild hair or a bold hat to really bring another aspect to the picture…”

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Aryan Aqajani’s Fade to Black

© Aryan Aqajani
© Aryan Aqajani

Instead of getting embroiled in the film vs. digital debate, Australian shooter Aryan Aqajani lives in harmony with both mediums. No matter what gear he uses to shoot, he says he strives to convey “a sense of isolation, loneliness, darkness and deep feelings” with his images. This series, Fade to Black, does just that. Continue reading

Otakar Hevler’s Silent Morning

Photographer Otakar Hevler has posted a gorgeous image taken near Anthy-sur-Léman, France. Although he claims to have shot this exact place several times previously, this is the image he wants to share with the world on his blog.

This gorgeous landscape, shot with a Mamiya RB 67 Pro and a Mamiya-Sekor C 50mm f/4.5, is reminiscent of the images Apple bundles with Mac OS X. Captured on Kodak T-MAX, ISO 100, it’s simply a stunning image, and reminds us of the beauty of film technology the world has grown used to for over 150 years.

©Otakar Hevler

Beautiful work, Otakar. Be sure to check out more of the gorgeous images on his site, Land & Colors.

Alexandra Roberts Does Medium Format in Miami

Photographer Alexandra Roberts has a recent blog post featuring some black and white Mamiya goodness she shot in Miami. Roberts was shooting Kodak T-MAX 100 with her Mamiya 645 AFD II.

©Alexandra Roberts

Roberts reports her wedding clients are loving the medium format black and white work she’s mixing into her photographic offerings.

To see more beautiful film and digital photography, check out Roberts’ site. Nice job, Alexandra!

Mary Ellen Mark’s Oaxaca Workshop

Screen grab from

Photography legend Mary Ellen Mark will be hosting a hands-on workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico from June 26 – July 6, 2011. The workflow is centered on black and white film photography. Each student will receive multiple reviews of their work, assignments, and individual conferences with Mark herself. A book will be put together containing the best images from the workshop, with three or four images from each student.

Mark’s site also contains PDFs optimized for Apple’s iPad which chronicle the Oaxaca workshop photographs from 2009 and 2010. Full details are available here.

Visit her site to view all details of the workshop, including logistics, requirements, travel and lodging information, applications, and an insightful statement from Mark herself on the workshop.

We previously profiled Mary Ellen Mark on the Mamiya blog in April of 2010, when she reported, “The work my students do in Oaxaca is very inspiring to me. I’m very proud of them. It’s great work.” She has run workshops in New York, and launched her beautiful new site in February.

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward’s Old Work Rediscovered

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward has pulled some great Polaroids and prints out of his archive, scanned them, and posted them with commentary. This blog entry is filled with shots from a 1992 photo shoot he did with Lisa Montonen holding various flora.

©Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

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Mary Ellen Mark’s Site Redesigned

Photojournalism and portraiture living legend Mary Ellen Mark has launched a redesign of her site. The site is more easily navigable and has more content than her previous design.

A winner of three Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards and three National Endowment for the Arts awards, Mark is a longtime Mamiya shooter. She was profiled in this post on our blog last year. She shoots the Mamiya RZthe 7, and the 645.

According to her Facebook page, last year she asked Santa for “a new Mamiya 7 with a 50mm lens and 1000 rolls of Tri-X 220.” No word if Santa came through. Keep up the great work, Mary Ellen!

Evan Baines on How We Eat

Evan Baines is undertaking a great photographic series of how Americans eat. Baines has some great long exposures of eateries at night. Evoking a weird (in the best sense of that word) vision all his own with morsels of Edward Hopper, Robert Frank, and Raymond Chandler thrown in, we see a great photography book in the making. Medium format black and white film nirvana.

©Evan Baines

Armed with a Mamiya 7 and Kodak Tri-X film, we think this is a great project with impressive results. Baines also shoots an RZ67. Based in Nashville, Baines travels for weddings and other assignments. We hope to see more of his late night restaurants from other parts of the country. Keep up the great work, Evan!

See more of Evan Baines at his site.